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Blue Shark Yolo

Yolo is a small cruise ship that offers tourists a chance to experience the Croatian coast's allure among a small group of up to 38 like-minded guests, situated in 18 cabins with modern decor. These charming cabins can be found on the lower and main deck. Every cabin is air-conditioned and has its own private bathroom in a homely style that is perfect for unwinding and relaxing.

This small cruise ship has an elegant restaurant located on the upper deck, the restaurant radiates warm and dreamy feelings, carefully arranged to enable space and intimacy. Our stunning travel tours are filled with sensational foods and spectacular landscape views. We are very proud of the quality of our food and service which are a fundamental aspect of any superb cruise holiday. Our cruises aren't all about exciting places and breathtaking views - we also offer various forms of entertainment while on board. Yolo is equipped with a shaded outdoor lounge on the upper deck where you can enjoy the sea breeze and stunning views of the Adriatic coast while enjoying comfortable sofas, club tables, or a jacuzzi bath. Savor your holidays on board with a glass of your favorite drink as you revel in the panoramic views of Croatian Adriatic. Enjoy 7 unforgettable nights aboard the luxury yacht exploring the stunning Adriatic coastline. Swim and snorkel at secluded bays, explore the old town of Split and immerse yourself in local history in Dubrovnik. Experience this remarkable story filled with special moments and great travel memories on the cruise MS Yolo.