The Blue Shark marketing pages

Our marketing pages are intended for guests and have an informative purpose. The main goal of Blue Shark is to provide and provide all relevant information related to daily tours. Our clarity, purpose, direction, and vision is to enhance the offer of the boat tours and the Blue Shark events .

Blue Cave And Five Islands Tour Price

Our most important boat tour the Blue Cave And Five Islands Tour is a top day trip that is boating by exclusive boats and the price policy is to offer as much as possible in the schedule and itinerary of the tour. All our excursions and private tours are made on the same strategy of the relationship between prices and content of boat trips on the Adriatic. 

SOLIDRES BOOKING IN ADVANCE COUPONS WITH DISCOUNTS OF 10 % Discount on excursions, private tours, prime sea transfer, and land transfer The coupons are intended to be used during the advertising campaign with working name Booking in advance or Early booking Holidays. The price of Blue Shark experience, which includes excursions and private tours, Prime sea transfer, or Land transfer, is on discount. Blue Shark has embarked on an advertising campaign to increase booking of trademark and significant tours like Blue cave and Five Islands from Split, Croatia.