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Blue Shark Tours from split BlueLagoon by island Drvenik

Blue Lagoon And Trogir Private Tour From Split

Tailor-Made Boat Tours to Trogir and Blue Lagoon: Your Ultimate Day

With Blue Sharks tailor-made tour to Trogir and Blue Lagoon of the island Drvenik, you can experience an extraordinary day on a speedboat trip from Split. You’ll discover the beauty of Dalmatia and enjoy magical moments with your family and friends.

You want to relax, escape the city, and chill by swimming on an island? This is what locals have in mind when they want to spend their free time in beautiful nature. Our private tour is exceptional for families. Still, stunning Maslinica on the mysterious island of Šolta, the unique clear sea of Blue Lagoon by Drvenik island, and the inevitable UNESCO city of Trogir are attractive to all guests. And the whole point of it is that it's just around the corner, near the town of Split! The freedom of choice and free time for exploring destinations in premium speedboats are the essential quality of all Blue Shark's private tours.


Town of Maslinica on island Šolta by Blue Shark from Split private tours



Maslinica was formed around the castle built by the famous family Marchi in 1708, the castle is now a luxury hotel. The unique village and port on the west side of the island Šolta have a big nautical center popular among yachtsmen. The south side of the bay is made by pinewood with amazing rocky beaches. One of the main characteristics of the bay and port is an archipelago of seven beautiful islets that you can visit in arrangement with the skipper. Maslinica is one beautiful spot in the Adriatic and known as the Best Coastal Destination in Croatia. A combination of long history and beautiful nature are the most appealing things in our private tours. This is a great tourist destination for the lovers of nature, the unspoiled shores and the brilliant pure sea are lately becoming more and more popular with the tourists. Blue Shark private tour is an excellent opportunity for exploring the Maslinica and the entire island of Šolta.

Island of Šolta



Šolta is an attractive Adriatic island with a long history, and it's currently amongst the most notable Dalmatian touristic gems. With a great tradition of winemaking, excellent olive oil, and other Mediterranean delicates, it's a paradise for gourmets. Blue Sharks private tour offers enough time for guests to explore the stunning nature and breathtaking sights of the island. This amazing touristic landmark is also a cultural and historical pride of Dalmatia, and sightseeing of Šolta is time well spent. The island is an archipelago with numerous islets. In front of Maslinca, which is the most famous port on the Šolta, are seven smaller beautiful islands. Šolta has an infinite number of bays and beaches, but the most extended shore is on Nečujam, a coastal town with a long history from Dioklecians time.The island is an exceptional destination for nature lovers. The immaculate beaches, the crystal clear Adriatic, and the all-natural beauty are ideal for summer recreation.

Blue Lagoon near island Drvenik also known as Krknjaši islands



Blue Lagoon by Drvenik is an excellent Dalmatian bay with untouched nature. This fantastic Adriatic place with crystal clear water is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and taking underwater photography. Sunbathing and relaxing on the summer sun amongst family and friends is one of the more memorable experiences on the so-called Croatian tropical paradise. The lagoon is a favorite among Blue Sharks guests. Blue Lagoon seabed is a mixture of sand and seashells which mutually with the summer sun creates a brilliant shade of turquoise colors. The lagoon guaranties privacy and a unique summer adventure on the Adriatic sea. Blue Lagoon, Drvenik, and Krknjaši island are some of the best experiences which Dalmatia can offer.

Beautiful Town of Trogir



Trogir and its surrounding area featuring island Čiovo are known for its stone beauty. The islet where Trogir is located lies in a narrow sea passage between the mainland and Čiovo. Beautiful Trogir has one of the prime spots on the Dalmatian Coast, and the town near the more significant Split is one of the top Dalmatian summer holiday destinations. The city has a rich history that dates back to ancient times, and it has been continuously inhabited by various civilizations from Greeks, Romans, Hungarians, to the Venetians.The little Venice of Dalmatia is also the touristic nickname of the town. Trogir, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is well set up to accommodate visitors with its numerous things to do. The city has splendid Romanesque and Renaissance architecture ideal for sightseeing in small groups that our private tour offers. From breathtaking historical landmarks to the excellent restaurants, Trogir is a must-visit place.

Beautiful Trogir Kamerlengo tower and Riva promenade



The top attraction of Trogir town that you will enjoy are its famous historical landmarks. Firstly it has a UNESCO protected medieval city center as an example of Romanesque-Gothic architecture. Secondly the Portal of Radovan is one of the most valuable buildings in Trogir, it's a historic building which you can't afford to miss. One of the most visited places in the town is the unavoidable St Lawrence Cathedral. Blue Shark recommends you the most interesting, active and attractive Riva promenade where you'll find lots of excellent restaurants and coffee bars.

Sea view of the Trogir town with Blue Shark private tour



Our private tour is an impressive and exclusive island journey. Designed for a small group of people, the boat tour offers the most famous Dalmatian coastal and island destinations near the town of Split. Blue Shark is a family-friendly company, and the trip is planned for a small group of people such as parents with children. Other guests are also welcome on this fantastic and adventurous tour.

A boat tour starting in the morning from Split beggins with a opening journey to the Maslinica by the island of Šolta. After exploring the best Adriatic coastal destination and the island, we are traveling to the Blue Lagoon of Drvenik islands. This croatian tropical paradise offers endless swimming and snorkeling in the pure Adriatic sea and is a unique summer adventure. The Town of Trogir is the next stopping point on the route, and you'll have lots of free time for sightseeing and enjoying a lunch with some wine tasting. The town is the end of the private tour, and we're heading back to Split after ten exhilarating hours of the journey.

Blue Shark From Spit on the route to Maslinica


  • The meeting is at an organized place 30 min before the departure
  • Departure from Riva promenade: 09:00h
  • The first stoping point on the beutiful Maslinica of island Šolta
  • In arrangement with the skipper, you can explore the island of Šolta.
  • Experience and have fun at attractive Blue Lagoon by swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing
  • And the end of the private tour sightseeing of famous town Trogir with free time for lunch
  • Traveling backward from Trogir, and finish in Split around 18:00h


One person book the whole boat on our private tour, and maximum capacity are twelve-person on the ship without a crew. Cancelation policy is defined by Blue Shark Terms and Condition.

Swimming in the sea of the Blue Lagoon with Blue Shark private tours


  • Tour to the Maslinica on island Šolta
  • Free time for sightseeing small port of Maslinica, or exploring the island
  • Blue Shark private tours are quite flexible and we can adjust the tour to the situation at sea and the desires of the guests
  • Swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and relaxing at Blue Lagoon by island Drvenik. You'll experience Crotian tropical paradise
  • Top class speedboats tour to the town of Trogir and free time for sightseeing or enoyig in the local gastronomic scene


  • The tour includes a professional skipper, a hostess, beverages (water) on board and soft drinks, travel insurance
  • Things available on the boat include a fridge, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, shower bath,  snorkeling equipment, toilet, and safety equipment
  • You will be equipped with a full tank of fuel
  • Blue Shark Colnago boats have sundeck equipment, and you can enjoy sunbathing while we are taking a boat trip!


Blue Shark can cancel the tour under the faulty weather condition, or itinerary can be changed. If the trip is canceled, it can be rescheduled, or a full refund will be issued according to our booking terms and conditions.

Restaurants on promenade of town of Trogir


The cost of a boat tour doesn't include lunch. The private tours offer enough time to find a restaurant in the Maslinica or in the town of Trogir.

Blue Shark meeting point on the Riva in town of Split


We encourage you to bring everything you need for a beach such as a swimsuit, sunscreen, sunglasses, flip flops, and towel. Camera or mobile phones are also a smart choice for taking beautiful images of the Dalmatia landscape.

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