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Hvar And Pakleni Islands

Blue Sharks exclusive private boat tour to the Hvar and Pakleni islands includes exquisite Milna in a greet day excursion. You'll enjoy the best of Dalmatia islands and most famous Croatian destinations. Active adventure on Pakleni archipelago with sightseeing of touristic gems of Milna and Hvar offers a unique experience.

Jump on our boat and enjoy the exclusive and comfortable boat tour in top-class Blue Shark's fleet. While you're relaxing on our luxurious sundeck we will be touring to our first famous destination, the breathtaking Milna on island Brač . We have well-planned private tours, designed even for the most demanding guests, you'll enjoy the famous beaches of Pakleni islands and the notable town of Hvar on the island with the same name in an extraordinary island boat cruise. Swimming, snorkeling and relaxing at the shores of Pakleni archipelago will spice up our hop off hop tour along with other great summer activities. Our qualified crew will adapt to the schedule of the journey acording to the guest's wishes. With Blue Sharks experience of the Adriatic Islands and Coasts, our tour becomes a favorite day for a small group of people hungry for active holidays in Croatia.


Town of Milna on island Brač by Blue Shark from Split private tours



Milna is a charming little township on the west coast of Brač island, encircled by beautiful sand shores - Pasikova, Maslinova, Osibova, Vlaška. It is most famous for its spectacular bay. The city has an ancient history which dates back to the Roman times of Dioklecijan.The emperor Dioklecijan's fleet has found a secure harbor in the shallow Adriatic port at the time of the building of his mansion in the town of Split. This beautiful Dalmatian place is the most attractive and most sheltered harbor of Brač. The two highly equipped marinas in Milna offer top-class assistance for nautical guests. Nowdays, the community is a popular tourist destination and a famous marine, it's filled with cultural and historical sights. The center of the village contains a beautiful Baroque church which provides a marvelous ancient sight. Besides historical landmarks, its scenic beauty, and enchanting charm of a typical Dalmatian town, Milna will delight you with its famous Mediterranean food, quality olive oil, and exceptional wines.

Town of Bol on island Brač with Blue Shark's private tour


Paklinski or Pakleni islands, also known as Hell’s islands, got it's name from the tar created after pine resin once used to cook paklina. The paklina is a type of tar used to coat ships. Paklinski islands are a famous destination among tourists, and with the town and island of Hvar near Archipelago, make one of the most popular touristic destinations in Croatia. Numerous sheltered bays and beaches create a perfect destination for families with children to enjoy active and safe summer holidays. The Carpe Diem bar is popular among the party lovers, and it's positioned in Stipanska bay, on Marinkovac islet. Ždrilca is on the west of the archipelago, and it's a small bay excellent for a boat holiday, and it offers an attractive gastronomic experience. The south of Ždrilca is Mlini bay, one of the most popular and beautiful bays of the Pakleni islands. Blue Sharks private tour is an excellent opportunity to enjoy and explore the famous Archipelago.
Famous Golden Horn Beach



The town of Hvar is placed on the island with the same name, and its the most sunshiny place in all of Europe. Town Hvar is the number one Croatian touristic destination and famous for various kinds of guests. The town offers various cultural and historical sights and it has a beautiful architecture which is a sign of it's ancient and distinguished history. From the famous Fortica, Loggia to the Arsenal and beautiful Theatre, the town has numerous famous landmarks. The architecture of the city is extraordinary, and Hvar is perfect for exploring. Besides cultural and historical sites, Hvar is the town of luxury hotels and excellent bars with a waterfront full of big yachts from all around the world. The city is a Croatian gem and the most popular tourist place in Dalmatia. It is necessary to indicate that the city, like all Croatian destinations, is a remarkably safe place perfect for team building actions or family vacations. The Blue Sharks private tour will give you plenty of time for sightseeing and pastime.

Island Hvar with Blue Shark from Split



Explore the most useful ideas to get to Hvar Island with Blue Sharks advice on sights, activities, Mediterranean food, and drinking famous wine.The island has a wine tradition dating back 2400 years ago, whose sunbathed vineyards enjoy the most sun in the Adriatic. The organic food is a trademark of the Dalmatian islands, and Hvar is famous for its excellent sea fish, olive oil, goat cheese, and honey. The landscape of the island is widely known for its lavender fields and lavender oil, whose scent is irresistible. Away from the rush in the town of Hvar, much of the 42-mile-long island is abandoned. The island offers various experiences which vary from swimming, scuba diving to rock climbing, hiking and cycling. It is difficult to enumerate all the beauties of the island but is it allowed to say that the island of Hvar is regularly listed in the top five island destinations in the world by Condé Nast Traveler and Lonely Planet.

Blue Shark guests on the Pakleni isladns beach



The crystal clear Adriatic sea surrounding the Pakleni islands are perfect for summer activities. There are many secluded coves throughout the archipelago, which provide the ideal spots to spend a few hours enjoying the Adriatic Sea. Equip yourself with a snorkel and a mask from our boat and explore the underwater life of the Adriatic Sea. Some of Blue Sharks favorite beaches include two large inlets on St. Clement's after Vineyard Bay, Zdrilca beach, located on Marinkovac Island and Mlini beach, located on the same Island. The archipelago is interesting for exploring, and you will have enough time for the famous Dalmatian island. Blue Shark's advice for lunchtime is the restaurants on St. Clement. Our schedule is carefully asembled, and you'll have enough time to enjpy a traditional Dalmatian dish like the famous gregada. The tour ends with a memorable experience, the sail back to Split under the charming Adriatic sunset.

Image of town of Hvar



Hvar And Pakleni islands boat tour is an excellent summer experience from Split created for families with kids; however, landmarks, cultural and historical attractions won't disappoint any other demanding guest. Active summer adventure with best Mediterranean cuisine with carefully selected Dalmatian destinations are highlights of the tailored boat tour. Your time will be organized by our top team, and you'll enjoy an unforgettable day on the Croatian Adriatic.

A boat tour starts in the forenoon from Split. The first point on the route is Milna on the island of Brač. Milna and Brač are an attractive touristic destination, and with Blue Shark's flexible tour, you can spend more time on the island. However, you must keep in mind the other tour destinations, and the daily excursion duration is ten hours. The second point on the route is the Pakleni Archipelago and its islets with famous beaches and bays ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The town and Island of Hvar is the end of our journey, and you can enjoy leading Croatian destinations. We're traveling back to the city of Split after ten hours of excursion

Blue Shark From Spit on the route to Hvar


  • The meeting is at an organized place 30 min before the departure
  • Departure from Riva promenade: 09:00h
  • The first stoping point on the unique Milna on island of Brač
  • Free time for sightseeing Milna or exploring the island of Brač in aragmet with skipper
  • Adventure on famous Pakleni islands
  • Experience and have active hollday at beaches of Pakleni Achipelago by swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing
  • Sightseeing of famous town and island Hvar with free time for lunch
  • Traveling backward fromHvar, and finish in Split around 19:00h


One person book the whole boat on our private tour, and maximum capacity are twelve-person on the ship without a crew. Cancelation policy is defined by Blue Shark Terms and Condition.

Goden Horn Beach on Island Brač with Blue Shark private tour


  • Tour to the Milna on island Brač
  • Free time for sightseeing beautifull port of Milna
  • Sightseeing the island of Brač in an arrangement with skipper
  • Blue Shark private tours are quite flexible and we can adjust the tour to the situation at sea and the desires of the guests
  • Swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing at Pakleni Archipelago
  • You'll experience the most famous Croatian destination with hidden bays on one of the numerous islets
  • Top class speedboats tour to the town of Hvar and free time for sightseeing or enoyig in the local restaurants and great Dalmatian food
  • Sightseeing the island of Hvar in an arrangement with skipper


  • The tour includes a professional skipper, a hostess, beverages (water) on board and soft drinks, travel insurance
  • Things available on the boat include a fridge, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, shower bath,  snorkeling equipment, toilet, and safety equipment
  • You will be equipped with a full tank of fuel
  • Blue Shark Colnago boats have sundeck equipment, and you can enjoy sunbathing while we are taking a boat trip!


Blue Shark can cancel the tour under the faulty weather condition, or itinerary can be changed. If the trip is canceled, it can be rescheduled, or a full refund will be issued according to our booking terms and conditions.

Promenade of town Milna


The price of a boat journey doesn't include lunch. The private tours offer enough time to find a restaurant in the town of Milna, Pakleni islands, or town Hvar.

Blue Shark Colnago 35 Boat on the famous Riva of town Split


We encourage you to bring everything you need for a beach such as a swimsuit, sunscreen, sunglasses, flip flops, and towel. Camera or mobile phones are also a smart choice for taking beautiful images of the Dalmatia landscape.

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