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Blue Cave Tour

Blue Shark's private tour takes you on a boat trip from the town of Split to the legendary Blue Cave and the enchanting Blue Lagoon of the island of Budikovac. You'll experience Stiniva Beach on the island of Vis, the unique nature of Pakleni archipelago, and the famous island and town Hvar.

Hop on the boat, soak up the sun and enjoy it, because summer is where the Blue Cave Tour is! On this private tour with your family or friends, you'll be able to see the most popular locations in Dalmatia. Create memories by exploring the famous glowing lights of Blue Cave, see the natural landmark Stiniva Bay, swim and snorkel in crystal clear water of Island Budikovac, relax on beaches of Pakleni Islands, and get a midday walk through the famous town of Hvar because memories are the best souvenir of your holiday! We have well-planned private tours, created for even the most demanding guests, and you'll enjoy the little things like sheltered beaches away from the crowds! It is necessary to say that our tours are very adaptable and we can adjust the journey to the condition at sea and the wishes of the guests within the schedule of the trip. An often part of the Blue Cave Tour is also the Pritišćina bay on the island Vis, which is ideal for sea adventures. The Pritišćina shore on the island of Vis is one of the smallest, but also the most attractive bay. Swimming and snorkeling in the sheltered bay is an exceptional experience. You'll also enjoy the beautiful Green Cave on the the same island.


Blue Cave on island Biševo by Blue Shark from Split private tour



Blue Cave on island Biševo is recognized as a Croatian touristic wonder, and it's one of the favorite destinations among Blue Shark guests. Blue Cave or "Modra Špilja" is famous for its blue light that fills the space at a particular time of day when the sunlight hits the sea surface through an opening on the vault. The light reflects off the water and creates incredible light effects painted with blue color. It's a thrilling sight which is excellent for photography. Blue Cave Tour is a private tailor-made tour, and besides Blue Cave, in arrangements with the skipper you can visit various other places such as the Priščina bay, the smallest bay of the island Vis. The bay are a beautiful and exciting place, and swimming and snorkeling are an excellent expiriance at the one of most thrilling bay on island.

Stiniva beach on island Vis with Blue Shark private tour


Stiniva Cove is located just offshore from Stiniva Beach, Europes most beautiful beach.It's one of the best stops on the Blue Cave private tour, hidden, and popular among tourists, with clear water, small stones, and a great view. This tiny picturesque beach is only accessible by a steep or boat. The cove is a famous place on the island of Vis and a protected nature reserve. Swimming and snorkeling at Stiniva are an excellent experience. Stiniva is a pebble beach for fans of brilliant clear sea and wild landscapes. There is a small bar placed down on Stiniva Beach, where you can get some snacks or refreshments.
Image of Island of Budikovac with famous Blue Lagoon


 Blue Lagoon by Budikovac Island is located at thu cane southern part of Vis which yo visit by boat. Blue Shark guests adore the remarkable clarity of the glittering sea and turquoise shades of the Adriatic. The extraordinary clean sea and the outstanding beauty of the Lagoon cause joy to our guests! Blue Lagoon is an extremely beautiful place for all sea adventures. Capturing underwater photos of the clear Adriatic while swimming and snorkelling is such an exceptional experience. The sun and the excellent quality of the sea combined with Blue Sharks professional crew will make your boat tour through Dalmatia an unforgettable summer experience.
Beautiful Adriatic bay of Pakleni Islands



The Pakleni Archipelago is located opposite of town Hvar. It consists of a series of smaller islands. On the Pakleni Islands, you can spend time away from the crowded beaches and enjoy the sun in the serenity of countless coves or swim in the brilliant Adriatic Sea. Our private tour offers relaxing in untouched nature of famous destinations. On St. Clement, which is part of the Hells Archipelago, is an attractive Palmižana beach. The shore is ideal for relaxing, dining, and enjoying a drink at one of the numerous bars and restaurants. Pakleni islands are a group of twenty islets and cliffs with crystal clear waters, famous beaches, and charming deserted lagoons. It is one of the most attractive resorts in Croatia.

Beautiful panorama of the town of Hvar



Hvar is located on the island with the same name, and it's the sunniest spot in all of Europe. Town Hvar offers luxurious hotels, elegant restaurants, and fashionable bars, but it's also brimming with galleries and museums. From the famous Fortica, Arsenal, and Loggia to the port of Hvar, the town is perfect for exploring. The architecture of the city is remarkable and you can witness its long and exciting history. The town and island of Hvar are a Croatian touristic gem, and probably the most famous tourist destination in Dalmatia. It is important to emphasize that the city, like all Croatian destinations, is a remarkably safe place ideal for team building activities or family holidays. The Blue Shark private tour will give you plenty of time for sightseeing and leisure.

Stiniva Cove on island Vis with Bue Shark



Blue Cave Tour is an exciting and exclusive island tour. It is designed for a small group of people who will go on an Adriatic journey with comfortable and exclusive Colnago boats. Privacy and adventure on Dalmatian destinations will suit your needs & exceed your expectations.

A great one day boat trip starting in the morning from Split which offers an excursion to the Blue Cave on island Biševo. Stiniva Cove and the famous beach on the island Vis are the following highlights of the tour that will fascinate you. After swimming and snorkeling at a unique Dalmatian landmark, we are cruising to the beautiful Blue lagoon near the island Budikovac, where you'll enjoy the perfect Adriatic sea. The archipelago of the Pakleni islands is the next stopping point on the route. The end of the exclusive private tour is the town and island Hvar.

Blue Shark private tour guests in the port of Split


  • The meeting is at an organized place 30 min before the departure
  • Departure from Riva promenade: 07:30h
  •  09:30h - first stoping point on the legendary Blue cave of island Biševo
  • Experience and enjoy the attractive Stiniva Beach by swimming and snorkeling
  • In arrangement with the skipper, you can visit the Island of Ravnik and Green Cave or island of Vis and the Pritišćina bay. The price of the tour doesn't include a ticket for the caves 
  • You'll enjoy summer activities at the Blue Lagoon of island Budikovac, swimming, snorkeling and having fun
  • Panoramic tour in the comfortable and safe boats around Pakleni archipelago. You'll have enough time for lunch, and to enjoy one of the famous beaches of the Pakleni islets
  • And finally sightseeing of the famous town and island Hvar with free time for an afternoon coffee
  • Traveling backward from Hvar, and finishing in Split around 18:00h


One person book the whole boat on our private tour, and maximum capacity are twelve-person on the ship without a crew. Cancelation policy is defined by Blue Shark Terms and Condition. The price don't include fuel!

Pritišćina beach on the island of Vis with Blue Shark Split


  • Tour to the Blue cave on island Biševo
  • Swimming, snorkeling and having fun at Stiniva Beach
  • The Island of Vis and the Pritišćina bay
  • Blue Shark private tours are quite flexible and we can adjust the tour to the situation of the sea and the desires of the guests
  • You'll experience Blue Lagoon of island Budikovac and the amazing clear Adriatic
  • Top class speedboat trip to the Pakleni archipelago and its unique islets with exclusive beaches
  • Sightseeing of a well-known town and island Hvar


  • The tour includes a professional skipper, a hostess, beverages (water) on board and soft drinks, travel insurance
  • Things available on the boat include a fridge, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, shower bath,  snorkeling equipment, toilet, and safety equipment
  • Blue Shark Colnago boats have sundeck equipment, and you can enjoy sunbathing while we are taking a boat trip!


Blue Shark can cancel the tour under the faulty weather condition, or the itinerary can be changed. If the trip is canceled, it can be rescheduled, or a full refund will be issued according to our booking terms and conditions.

Restaurant on Pakleni islands


The cost of the boat tour doesn't include lunch and fuel, and Blue Cave entrance tickets, but private tours offer enough time to find a restaurant in the Hvar or on the beaches of the Pakleni islands archipelago.

Blue Shark Colnago on the route to the Blue Cave


We encourage you to bring everything you need for the beach such as a swimsuit, sunscreen, sunglasses, flip flops, and a towel. Cameras or mobile phones are also a smart choice for taking beautiful images of the Dalmatia landscape.

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