Blue Cave And Other Famous Dalmatian Caves

Blue-Shark-Boat-Tours--Transfers-Blue-Cave-Bisevo14 The small entrance in the Blue Cave on the Biševo island - foto by Miroslav Vajdic
Blue Cave by Biševo Island is the favorite Blue Shark guests destination

Within a few short blogs, we will try to bring closer the Blue Shark guests to Dalmatian caves as the most impressive natural attractions. The Blue Shark's posts will bring you closer to all of the exciting Middle Dalmatia destinations, culture, sights, and fantastic Mediterranean food. During the stressful time of COVID-19, traveling to the Middle Dalmatia is generally safe. Still, the best way is to consult your governments and reliable media as information sources, and subscribing to our email newsletter will bring recent information about the pandemic situation in Croatia.  

Blue Cave by Biševo and Day tours from Split

The story about the leading boat day tours from the Split Riva waterfront is also a story about the most famous Middle-Dalmatian waterlogged sea cave and show cave, the Blue Cave, or Blue Grotto. Different boats take you to different places, and the journeys are quite different. However, the most significant day tour for the speedboat sightseeing agencies from Split and naturally Blue Shark Boat Tours & Transfers is the day trip to the Blue Cave on the Biševo island. The tour offers the best of Dalmatia in the ten hours of the voyage with various Adriatic destinations as an addition to the most beautiful Croatian sea cave. 


Some important information about the Blue Cave 

The Blue Grotto or Blue Cave, Croatian locals called Modra špilja, is a waterlogged sea cave located in a small bay called Balun on the east side of the island of Biševo and about 4.5 nautical miles from the island of Vis. The island of Biševo is only 6 km² almost uninhabited. 

Biševo has also beautiful sandy beaches but the top attraction is Blue Cave. The actual entrance to the cave is positioned on its south side. The opening that is resembling in a vault on the roof of a grotto. The sunlight enters the cave through a hole in the rock and creates an astonishing blue gleaming effect all around the cave. 

The submarine-like entrance in the cave - Foto by Miroslav Vajdic
The light enters into the cave through a hole in the rock and creates an amazing blue glowing effect

Blue Cave on Bisevo Island is the first attraction on mostly on every boat tours from Split, which including the marvelous destination and after Cave, the astonishing island of Vis is a typical boat route. A small boat will transfer guests into the Cave. The time spent in the Blue Cave on Bisevo isn't too long and Blue Shark advises its guests to enjoy every moment of the unique natural phenomenon! The camera and mobile are must-have for that memorable destination. 

Nevertheless, guests are mostly thrilled, and everyone wants back to the Blue Cave. Being inside the waterlogged sea cave with its brilliant blue light is really something special. A natural Dalmatian wonder is an unquestionably unique destination to see!

The small boat in the phenomenal Blue Cave
The Monk Seals Cave Or Medvedina Špilja
Blue Shark Day Tours And The COVID-19 Condition


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