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Why Is The Tourist Postseason A Great Time To Visit Dalmatia And Split?

Split is one of Croatia's most popular tourist destinations Split is one of Croatia's most popular tourist destinations

Are you wondering why visiting Dalmatia and Split during the postseason is a great idea? A vacation after the peak of the summer holiday season has many advantages. You can enjoy the beautiful weather without dealing with huge crowds and have plenty of things to do without feeling rushed. Before and after the high season is an excellent time to vis...

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Bačvice beach

Bačvice Beach is a popular sandy beach located in Split, a coastal city in the Dalmatia region of Croatia. It is one of the most popular beaches in the area and is known for its clear blue water, sandy shore, and lively atmosphere. Just a 5-minute walk from Split Old Town is a most famous sand beach with shallow water. Numerous bars and restaurants...

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Grgur Ninski

One of the most recognizable features of the city of Split is the statue of Grugur Ninski. It can be found in front of the Palace's Golden Gate in the Palace's northern section. It was sculpted by our most well-known artist, Ivan Mestrovic, and stands at the height of more than six meters.Since he played such a pivotal role in developing the o...

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Blue Cave tour from Split I took my old laptop, hooked it up to Google, and I was looking for the best deal and an idea for a vacation. Blue Shark from Split - Dalmatia was my carefully chosen tour agency. I didn't regret that choice. This summer, I decided to spend in Split and Dalmatia County. If you're looking for a destination with plenty of su...

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Poljud Stadium

The Poljud Stadium is a multi-use sports stadium in the Croatian city of Split, which is on the coast in the Dalmatia region.It is one of the largest and most important sports venues in the country and is home to the Hajduk Split football club. The stadium was built in the 1970s, and in 2010, right before the 2010 Mediterranean Games, it got a big ...

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Island Brac, Croatia: A Hidden Gem in Split-Dalmatia County

Island Brac, Croatia: A Hidden Gem in Split-Dalmatia County Island Brac, Croatia: A Hidden Gem in Split-Dalmatia County

Croatia is truly a country proud of its thousand islands. Each of them is unique, but the island of Brac (Brač) stands out as a Split-Dalmatia County gem! The island of Brač will enchant everyone with its natural beauty and biodiversity. Dalmatian food based on fish, top-quality olive oil, delicious lamb, and other local products will surprise the ...

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Blue Cave Bisevo: A Leading Boat Tour in Dalmatia

blueshark-split-blue-cave-bisevo Blue Cave Bisevo: A Leading Boat Tour in Dalmatia

The story of leading destination and boat day tours from the Split Riva waterfront is intertwined with the allure of the famous Middle-Dalmatian waterlogged sea cave, the Blue Cave, also known as the Blue Grotto. This natural wonder has become an iconic attraction, drawing travellers to experience its enchanting blue light and stunning interior. Th...

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The Island of Vis - One Of The Must-visit Croatian Destinations

Island Vis bay Island Vis bay

Croatia is known for its stunning coastline and numerous beautiful islands. While there are many remarkable islands to explore. One of the must-visit islands in Croatia is the island of Vis. The island of Vis is a beautiful Croatian island in the Sea, and it is known for its untouched nature, crystal clear sea, picturesque beaches and peaceful...

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From The "Ponistra" You Can See The Unique Island Of Šolta

island of Šolta Island of Šolta

What is a "ponistra"? If you have chosen Split, Croatia, for your summer holiday or a week-long trip, "ponistra" is the look from your hotel window. The result of your choice is one of Croatia's top tourist destinations. Look through the window on a sunny and bright day you will see a unique set of the most spectacular Adriatic islands. They are st...

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Diocletian's palace

Diocletian's Palace is an ancient palace located in the city of Split, Croatia. It was built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in the late 3rd and early 4th centuries AD as his retirement residence. The palace is considered one of the best-preserved Roman buildings in the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palace is a group of buildings o...

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Saint Dominus Cathedral

One of the most recognizable symbols of the city of Split is the Cathedral of St Duje or St. Duje, as its name is Splićani, which is the oldest cathedral in the world. St. Dujam was the first bishop of Salona and in honor of him was built a magnificent cathedral. The beautiful cathedral bell tower, 57 meters high, was built in the 13th century. If ...

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Peristil is a historic square located in the heart of the ancient city of Split, Croatia. It is a significant tourist attraction and a popular gathering place for locals and visitors alike.Name for the square in front of the Saint Dominus Cathedral in the Old Town of Split. Peristyle, as the central square of the Palace, housed in a section where s...

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Basement Halls of Diocletian’s palace

The basements of Diocletian's Palace are covered and partly underground areas in the southernmost part of the Old Town of Split. It is about halls that are oversized, larger or smaller, as well as the corridors that connect them. Their surface is as large as an eighth of the entire palace. In time they were almost overwhelmed, but the awareness of ...

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The Riva

The Riva Promenade is a popular place to walk along the water in Split, a city on the coast of Croatia in the Dalmatia region.The promenade stretches along the coast of the Adriatic Sea and is known for its beautiful views, lively atmosphere, and historical significance. The Riva Promenade was built in the 19th century, but it got a big makeover in...

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Marjan Hill

Marjan Hill is a big hill that rises above Split, which is in the Dalmatia region of Croatia.It is located on the western peninsula of the city, and it offers panoramic views of the city and the Adriatic Sea. Marjan Hill is a popular place to hang out because of its beautiful forests, walking and biking trails, and rocky beaches.The hill is approxi...

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Blue Shark Day Tours And The COVID-19 Condition

Blue-Shark-Boat-Tours--Transfers-on-the-riva-split The famous Riva waterfront of the town of Split is Blue Shark Boat Tours & Transfers meeting and departure point

Blue Shark Boat Tours & Transfers and COVID-19 pandemic  Blue Shark feels concerned for all who are affected by the COVID-19 crisis, and as a responsible sightseeing tour company is doing all to stop and prevent this pandemic. The situation is quickly unfolding from day to day in Croatia as well as in other countries. We are recommending o...

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Blue Cave And Other Famous Dalmatian Caves

Blue-Shark-Boat-Tours--Transfers-Blue-Cave-Bisevo14 The small entrance in the Blue Cave on the Biševo island - foto by Miroslav Vajdic

Within a few short blogs, we will try to bring closer the Blue Shark guests to Dalmatian caves as the most impressive natural attractions. The Blue Shark's posts will bring you closer to all of the exciting Middle Dalmatia destinations, culture, sights, and fantastic Mediterranean food. During the stressful time of COVID-19, traveling to the M...

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Split – The most beautiful in the world!

Each of my several Blue Shark trips to Split over the past five years has taught me something new about the city. The largest city on the Croatian peninsula of Dalmatia, Split is bustling with life. In addition, it serves as an excellent jumping-off point for a wide variety of day trips and island hopping opportunities in the region. Even though mu...

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Private Speedboat Tours From Split

Split Riva Waterfront Split Riva Waterfront

Blue Shark Private or Tailor-Made Boat Tours From Split  In the last few years, private speedboat tours from Split have become more and more popular. They give visitors a unique way to see the beauty of Split and the islands around it. Enjoy the beauty of the Dalmatian islands and coasts on the Blue Shark's custom-made private boat tours. Our ...

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Blue Shark - Blue Cave Tour From Split

Blue Shark - The Best Blue Cave Tour From Split, Croatia We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding the insanely excellent Blue Cave Tour, which departs from Split. The Blue Grotto sea cave, also known as the Blue Cave, is located on the Croatian island of Bisevo, near a bay named Balun. It's one of 26 caves on the tiny ...

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