The Island of Vis - One Of The Must-visit Croatian Destinations

Island Vis bay Island Vis bay

Croatia is known for its stunning coastline and numerous beautiful islands. While there are many remarkable islands to explore. One of the must-visit islands in Croatia is the island of Vis.

The island of Vis is a beautiful Croatian island in the Sea, and it is known for its untouched nature, crystal clear sea, picturesque beaches and peaceful surroundings. The island has a rich history dating back thousands of years, and there are remains of the Illyrian, Greek, Roman and many other civilisations.

Th Vis town and The St. Frances Monastery

Vis Became World Famous After Filming "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again"

"Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" is a slapstick-film comedy prequel to the film "Mamma Mia!" from 2008. The film combines popular ABBA songs with original characters. The film's story is set on the island of Vis, including scenes on the beautiful beach of Stiniva, which has become one of the most recognisable backdrops of the film.

Filming on the island of Vis helped to promote the island as a tourist destination, drawing attention to its natural beauty and attractiveness. The film was successful and popular among glazing and film lovers worldwide.

The island of Vis, with its picturesque landscape, unspoilt beaches and pleasant inhabitants, attracts tourists and film crews who want to use its natural beauty for filming movies and other projections.

Vis is a hidden gem among the Croatian islands. It uniquely blends natural beauty, rich history, and authentic Mediterranean charm. Besides the Green Cave and Monk Seal Cave, Vis boasts beautiful beaches, picturesque fishing villages, vineyards, and delicious local cuisine.

Island Vis

Famous Tourist Destinations On The Island Of Vis

On the island of Vis, several well-known tourist destinations attract visitors with their beaches, coastline and cultural heritage. Here are some of the most famous tourist destinations on the island of Vis:

The Vis Town: The Vis Town is the main settlement on the island and one of the most famous tourist destinations. It has a rich history dating back thousands of years and richly preserved architecture from different periods. The town has a Fort George Fortress, which offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding area. Also, museums, churches, restaurants and bars bring the town to life.

Komiza: Komiža is a picturesque fishing village located on the west coast of the island of Vis. It is known for its charm and authentic Mediterranean atmosphere. Komiža has a beautiful coastline with beaches, a seaside shelter and traditional fishermen's houses. Here you can enjoy fish specialities and explore the surrounding bays and islands.

Modra špilja (Blue Cave Biševo): Located on the island of Biševo, the Blue Cave is a popular tourist attraction that many visitors from the island of Vis and the whole of Dalmatia enjoy. It is a beautiful sea cave with an intense floating battle of blue light reflecting off the seabed. Visiting the cave is a unique experience.

Stiniva Beach: Stiniva Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Vis. It is set in a picturesque bay and surrounded by high cliffs. Access to the beach is by foot or by wading through the narrow pass from between the rocks or by boat. The beach is popular because of its natural scenery and crystal clear sea.

The Stiniva Cove: Stiniva Cove is also a popular destination on the island of Vis. You can enjoy a beautiful landscape with a crystal clear sea and a splashing beach here. The Cove is surrounded by high cliffs and has an intimate and peaceful atmosphere.

Apart from these places, the island of Vis offers other attractions beyond cycling or walking through nature, visiting wineries and local restaurants and enjoying local fish, other Dalmatian gastronomic delights and top vines.

The Stiniva Cove

The Blue Lagoon - Unique Adriatic Attraction Near Island of Vis

The Blue Lagoon, also known as the Krknjaši Lagoon, is between the islands of Drvenik Veli and Drvenik Mali. This beautiful lagoon is one of the most famous natural wonders of the region. "Plava Laguna" is a beautiful area with a crystal clear, turquoise sea and beautiful sandy beaches. The bay is sheltered from the winds and waves, but the water is still calm and ideal for swimming, sailing and paddling. The lagoon is a popular destination for excursions by boat and yachts from nearby islands and coasts.

The islet of Drvenik Veli is also interesting for guests. Drvenik Veli is the larger of the two Drveniks and is located northwest of the island of Vis. The island offers beautiful beaches and coves, including the popular Vela Rina beach. Vela Rina Beach is a large sandy beach with a shallow, warm sea, ideal for visitors with children. The island also has some fishing villages, after Maslinica and Borak, where you can experience the authentic atmosphere of the Dalmatian island.

Blue Lagoon and the islands of Drvenik Veli and Drvenik Mali are filled with untouched nature, beautiful beaches and a relaxing getaway in one of the most beautiful areas of the Adriatic Sea.

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