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Cruise to Croatia to get an opportunity to visit and take in truly remarkable locations and places! Mini cruisers are perfect for big family gathering charters, teambuilding charters, business charter events, birthday charters, or any other celebration that you would like to celebrate.

Cruises along with shipbuilding are a fundamental part of Croatian history. In the late twentieth century, the first micro cruisers emerged in Croatia, in the shape of small daily cruise and fish picnic ships. These improved and repurposed ships were once used to bring gravel, cement, stone, wine, and many other goods to and from our many islands. They were suddenly remodeled to tourist ships to appease the growing demand. In time, notably at the turn of this focus switched towards 7-day cruises, and the ships were once more repurposed to be able to provide sleeping quarters for the guests.

Nowadays, we build mini cruisers and yachts specifically for the purpose of cruising, led by the years of experience and knowledge, accumulated by a long-lasting and deep engagement in the business as we aim to offer the most unforgettable experience for our guests. Our Adriatic cruises offer you a chance to enjoy a stunning vacation at distinguished locations and places, as we take you from the sunny sandy beaches of Brač, the nightlife of Hvar, the secluded nature of Mljet, medieval walls of Dubrovnik and Korčula, and many other towns and hidden spots. The story of Croatia is so unique and layered, a whirlwind of history and charm, interwoven with generations of admirable people, just waiting to share this extraordinary story of ours, with you.

Our mini cruisers deserve a category for themselves. They are classified as such only because they do not fit into any category of yachts. They are custom-built motor yachts and some of them even have sailed. So in essence they are a yacht and sailboat in one, but larger. Sounds complicated, but it’s very simple. Due to their customized layout, they are able to provide the perfect accommodation and living areas. Mini cruisers differ in size, a number of cabins, design, and price which gives guests a wide range of options. There are smaller cruisers with 6 cabins up to bigger ones with 19 cabins, for up to 40 guests, which all depend on the needs of the guests. The biggest advantage of mini cruisers is the large and comfortable accommodation as well as the enormous outdoor living areas. That´s what makes these mini cruisers unique and very attractive for any large event mini cruiser.

Croatia cruiser Lastavica
FROM: 28600 €


Impressive and imposing Lastavica is a 49-meter deluxe mini-cruiser, defining the pinnacle of modern-day Croatian shipbuilding. The stylish modern design ...

Croatia cruiser President
FROM: 25,300 €


This impressive luxury mini-cruiser built-in 2011 was among the first ships of its style, a pioneer that set itself apart with a modern white hull look combined with dark wood details.

Croatia cruiser Zaramaris
FROM: 10,150 €


Zaramaris is an authentic and truly unique ship with no equal in its design. Zaramaris combines the best of both worlds with its classic design inspired by the traditional...

Croatia cruiser Ohana
FROM: 31,625 €


The luxury cruise yacht launched in 2020 MS Ohana built with exceptional maneuverability sleek lines, and the latest safety features are available for private charter.

Croatia cruiser Pacific
FROM: 20,700 €


Pacific is a small 42 meters long and 8 meters wide ship with a cruising speed of 10 knots. It shares a similar sense of style and layout as its older brother President.

Croatia cruiser Ohana
FROM: 17,300 €


Ardura is another fully unique combination of traditional Croatian shipbuilding and modern-day yacht construction and technology. Inspired by the design of the traditional Trabukal ship-type...

Croatia cruiser Lastavica
FROM: 30,250 €


Yolo is a small cruise ship that offers tourists a chance to experience the Croatian coast's allure among a small group of up to 38 like-minded guests.

Croatia cruiser Lastavica
FROM: 17,250 €


Eos is a ship that tells a special story after its 2008 full reconstruction. Its design tries to revive old Croatian traditional shipbuilding, with flowing sidelines...