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Blue Shark Lastavica

Lastavica with a length of 49 meters, is a unique small cruiser with 18 spacious air-conditioned cabins with private toilets, a Lounge bar, jacuzzi, broad sun deck, reception, modern kitchen, restaurant, and hostess on board.

Impressive and imposing MS Swallow is a 49-meter deluxe mini-cruiser, defining the pinnacle of modern-day Croatian shipbuilding. The stylish modern design can at first be compared with other ships but Lastavica sets itself apart with innovative and original solutions, fresh color schemes, and more than two decades' worth of experience that the Stančić family brings to the ship. This modernistic ship continues to impress and excite with its twin 500 Hp John Deere engines, 18 spacious en-suite cabins, state of the art dual air conditioning, Lounge salon, indoor and outdoor bar, spacious, jacuzzi-equipped sundeck, and a modern kitchen that fuels the fine-dining restaurant experience of Dalmatian cuisine.