Blue Shark Day Trips From Split To Hvar

blue-shark-hvar The city of Hvar

Split is an ideal location to take off if you want to explore the Croatian coastline. It's well-linked to other destinations, making it difficult to decide where to start. Here are some ideas for day trips from Split to Hvar, one of the most gorgeous islands in Croatia. There's something for everyone, regardless of whether you're an outdoors enthusiast, someone who loves history, or someone who wants to have some fun. Read on to find out more!

Enjoy the town of Hvar

Hvar is a vibrant destination that beckons thousands of visitors each year. Strolling through the old white-stoned roads, you will find lively cafés, restaurants, cocktail bars and souvenir markets. Explore the area's history by visiting the Hvar Cathedral and spend some time in Stephen's Square to enjoy the bustling atmosphere. Don't forget to taste the local cuisine!

Be sure to check out the Španjola Fortress (Hvar Fort). Formerly a refuge from the Ottoman army, it now offers incredible sights of the red rooftops of the town, the harbour, and the Pakleni Islands just beyond the Hvar city limits. Taking photographs and creating special moments here is a must!

Take a hike through the Old City

The Romans were the first to recognize the advantages of this sheltered body of water and built the town of Faros around it 2400 years ago. Today, a modern version of the settlement stands atop its ruins. Visitors can take a relaxing walk along the palm-fringed Riva and then explore its charming streets and squares. History buffs should also explore the Stari Grad Plains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring Roman and Greek artefacts.

Stari Grad offers some delightful seafood eateries that are more reasonably priced than Hvar Town if you need a meal. Take the opportunity to taste wine or sample the local ice cream, especially the lavender flavour. If you want to explore the urban atmosphere of Hvar and Stari Grad, consider taking a day trip from Split to Hvar!

Enjoy the sea at Dubovica Beach

For a peaceful getaway, Dubovica beach is the perfect spot. Located near Hvar town, it is home to the remains of a vacation residence and a beautiful pebbled beach with crystal-clear blue water. Parasols are available to rent if you need shade, and local restaurants serve delicious food. The beach is also great for snorkelling; if you're feeling adventurous, you may find a hidden cave. So if you're looking for a relaxed holiday, Dubovica is the place to go.

Dubovica beach is the perfect spot for families with children

Unique Red Rocks

If you enjoy being in nature, you'll be delighted to experience Red Rocks! These amazing limestone rocks carved by millennia of water give them their striking red colour. When you swim in the crystal-clear sea, the contrast between the blue and red is simply breathtaking.

Experience a secluded beach and a hidden cave, and if you're looking for more of an adrenaline rush, why not try cliff jumping at the Red Rocks? These rocky cliffs are roughly 15 meters (50 feet) tall, so why not take a guided boat tour with a local to discover the best spot for taking the plunge?

Enoy at Laganini Bar , Hula Hula Bar and other great chill sites

If you're looking for a great time, why not check out the local beach bars and party houses? Laganini Bar in Pakleni Islands is said to have the largest dance floor in the area. Enjoy the cosy seating, friendly waiters, and specialized cocktails while listening to the sound of the ocean! There is no better way to relax and have fun at the same time.

The Hula Hula bar on Hvar island is ideal for admiring a beautiful sunset and making new friends. This paradise offers an amazing atmosphere with fantastic music, delicious cocktails, and delectable food. If this sounds appealing, bring a stylish swimsuit and take a boat tour with locals.

Hvar is a vibrant destination that beckons thousands of visitors each yea
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