The Blue Cave Tour Is The Best Blue Shark Tour From Split, Croatia!

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The Blue Shark team is here to answer your queries about day excursions or private tours to the most famous Cave on the Adriatic, the Blue Cave on Bisevo Island, departing from Riva Split.

The Blue Grotto sea cave, also known as the Blue Cave, is located on the Croatian island of Bisevo, in a bay called Balun. It's one of the small island's 26 caves, and this breathtaking natural phenomenon is undoubtedly one of the best caves in Croatia. Bisevo Island is made of limestone rock and is home to only a few people year-round. The Cave, formed by erosion from the Adriatic Sea, is best visited between 11 am and 2 pm daily to fully appreciate its beauty, depending on the time of year you visit. You'll be thrilled by the Cave's piercing blue shades, caused by sunlight reflecting through the water and reflecting off the white limestone bottom.

The famous blue glowing lights of Blue Cave on island Bisevo
the most famous Cave on the Adriatic, the Blue Cave on Bisevo Island
Blue Cave Bisevo's seaside entrance

How And When Was The Blue Cave - Croatia

Discovered ?

Baron Eugen von Ransonnet, an explorer, painter, and adventurer, discovered the Blue Cave in the early 1880s.

He came across it while diving and was immediately captivated by it. The Cave was only accessible by diving at the time because its only natural entrance was below sea level. The Baron proposed creating an artificial opening to allow small boat access to the Cave.

In 1884, a small entrance about 2.5 meters wide and 1.5 meters high was created by blasting a portion of the rock with dynamite.

The Cave is only accessible through this entrance.

On the Riva, there are selling and meeting places for Blue Shark guests.

Blue Cave Tour From Split

The most popular island destinations in Central Dalmatia are Hvar, Brac - Bol, and Croatia's most distant island, Vis. Bisevo, home to the Blue Cave, is just five miles from Vis.

Many trips depart from Riva daily for the Blue Cave in Split. The Blue Shark Tours And Transfers agency sign will allow you to book a trip on Riva selling and meeting point to Cave as a speedboat days trip, such as an excursion or exclusive private tour.

Of course, the real attraction of these tours is the Blue Cave. You might wonder where to look for a trip that pauses at the Blue Cave and the places you specify. It's simple to book a tour with unique requests at a selling point or online!

Blue Shark offers the best custom boat tours, and any arrangements with the captain and crew are welcome.

A private trip is an ideal choice because the Blue Cave is situated at the most remote geographic location along the Croatian Adriatic Coast.

The well-known Stiniva Cove is located on the island of Vis.
Croatia's most distant island, Vis.
The town of Hvar is placed on the Island with the same name, and it's the most sunshiny place in all of Europe.
The island of Brac

The Boat Tour Price

Because you travel alone with your friends or family on high-end speedboats that offer comfort and safety, a private tour is not inexpensive.

After visiting the Blue Cave, you can decide where to go and how much time you want to spend on the Adriatic. The customized tours highlight Dalmatia's best attractions, and our crew will offer guidance and address your concerns.

Blue Shark is introducing a fleet of Colnago 35 boats. The ships are distinctive and incredibly cozy. 

Even though each speedboat we use is of the finest quality and costs at least 300,000 euros, our boat tours are reasonably priced. Exclusive, cosy, and most importantly, safe describes our fleet!

If you don't want to be on a Blue Cave tour with other visitors and share space and vacation privacy, you could book a private tour like this. You can pick a less expensive boat tour, but other guests will accompany you.

Summertime On Bisevo Island And Blue Cave Is Extremely Busy

 As you might expect, the beauty of this location will always attract visitors. During the peak summer months of July and August, you may have to wait much longer to enter the Cave. As a result, if possible, try to visit outside of these months. May, June, September, and October are quieter months that still provide the best weather without all the waiting.

There Are Times When You Cannot Enter The Blue Cave

It is not always possible to enter the Cave. Remember, this is a natural sea cave with a 1-meter opening. Visiting during the spring and summer months is unlikely to be in vain. Weather and sea conditions are usually ideal at this time. However, suppose you visit outside those times, particularly near the end of the year. In that case, your trip may be delayed or cancelled.

If the wind is particularly strong, the waves will be too high and too dangerous to attempt to enter the Cave. While you may not know the weather when you leave, you can usually check online the day before to see if there is a potential problem. Then you can choose and read our Terms And Condition article before booking.

If you choose a tour, your cave ticket will be refunded, though the boat will most likely still be charged. This is because you won't usually know you can't get inside until you arrive. However, the boat ride to the Cave provides breathtaking scenery, so you won't miss out

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